“Euphoria” – Robert Grace

Even from the first second that “Euphoria” by Robert Grace starts playing, I felt my body ascend up into the sky in musical bliss. Grace’s upbeat alternative pop vocals work so well alongside the hauntingly beautiful choral background singing, it almost makes this song feel like Gospel. “Euphoria” may sound uplifting but the lyrics aren’t as praise worthy as it might make you believe it to be. Grace lets his potential listeners know that he has emotional turmoil and inner demons that he is working on, and not to listen to any advice that comes from him. Even though he has an amazing sense of self-awareness in this song, Grace still holds regret, loneliness, and the relentless pursuit of happiness through self-destructive means. This song holds so much sadness and beauty within it, you will not know whether to cry or shout out “Hallelujah!”

Written by Gabrielle LaRochelle

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