“Dude” – RARIA

With as many songs as I’ve heard about the male species recently I have to wonder, what is wrong with them? Whether it’s only engaging when they want sex, or it’s leading you on only to refer to you like one of their guy friends after sex, it’s all a bit much. Well, the latter is a situation – or rather, situationship – that RARIA found herself encased in, and from that came her latest single, “Dude.” 

They’d just spent the night together and all he could say was “Dude.” It was then and there RARIA knew what she had to do. This artist to watch out of Australia put everything she was feeling down and from it, an unfortunate situation that way too many can call their own. Imagine letting yourself get entangled in all of the emotions that go into liking another human being, and then them treating you like someone they met online while playing ‘Call of Duty.’ It’s a heartbreaking moment, for sure but “Dude” is not only a grand pop song born from pain but a lesson to all. 

Taking a page out of Jenny Han’s book, RARIA didn’t write letters but rather a whole EP she dropped in 2021 called, ‘Boys Who Broke My Heart.’ Songs like “Maybe I Might Kiss A Girl” and “Break Up With Her” became instant favorites and got RARIA’s name out there. Now she’s back to keep the masses talking as she continues to be one of the newest pop singers out of Australia set to make waves around the world with “Dude” 

To hear “Dude” and more from RARIA, check her out on all major music and streaming platforms now.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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