“Don’t Wanna Go Home” – Nolo Grace

Not even a week had passed before I knew my partner was the one for me, so a fast-paced love story? I live for those. This is why I was thrilled to learn about the foundation on which “Don’t Wanna Go Home” by Nolo Grace was built. Three months into a new relationship a global pandemic was afoot, a lockdown was in place, and a marriage license was in hand. Nolo’s latest single is about all the initial emotions that come with the whirlwind of those first moments of love from the doubts to the sensations. 

With a voice that reminded me of Sade but set in a dreamscape of electropop, Nolo Grace instantly got me hooked with one note. From there, the love story that unfolded was as relatable as it was catchy; all great makings of a pop song. What made this song come alive though even more so was the video. Nolo Grace is big on using her art to diversify, and she did that both on and off-screen with the beautifully done video for “Don’t Wanna Go Home.” Being from New York and now residing in Los Angeles, Nolo Grace paid homage not only to her own love story but to laundromats by making that the setting of her all-Asian cast video with a heavy presence of Latinx creators behind the scenes. All of them came together to make a modern, youthful, love story come to life in this 16mm film video. 

“Don’t Wanna Go Home” is just the latest from Nolo Grace, and far from the end. She already had big plans for projects heading your way in the coming year. For now, check out and fall in love with “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” available now on all music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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