“Deux” – Elijah Blake and Jordin Sparks

“Deux” by Elijah Blake and Jordin Sparks is incredibly sexy–whether it’s because of the powerful vocal performance from both singers, the dreamy production style, or the tantalizingly straightforward lyrics, it doesn’t really matter. It’s just striking. You can easily sit back, forget about your troubles, and melt into the sensuality of this smooth R&B banger. 

With a flash of synth, the song begins: “7:10 / Just getting in / It’s been a hell of a day / Studio straight to the stage.” Jordin Sparks graces us with her recognizable gymnastic vocal stylings. As percussion piles in, the vocal melody follows suit and takes on a rhythmic, syllabic clip. Lyrically, we find ourselves immersed in the excitement of an implied romantic encounter, reveling in how it feels to cruise around knowing you’re going to see someone special.

The chorus comes around with a slow, high-pitched melody over electric guitar. The legato notes subtly juxtapose the verse and solidify the hook as new and exciting. “We got to rendezvous,” Jordin croons as we transition back into the verse. Elijah Blake takes this one, providing a delightful twist in the narrative as we now get the other perspective. Just like Jordin, he gives us a wildly skillful performance and a barrage of flirtatious phrases. By the time they start to harmonize, you realize this is the duet you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Their blend is immersive, unique, and incredibly convincing.

Be sure to give this song some love on your choice of streaming service! Plus, there’s a stunning music video to go along with it.

Written by Alyce Lindberg

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