“Dancing” – Nate Ouellette x Dollababy

Looks can surely be deceiving because if you’d just shown me a picture of Nate Ouellette, I would’ve guessed he was in a pop-punk band of sorts. Instead, he’s a bonafide vocalist delivering music that rivals the likes of Justin Bieber’s latest releases. Does the Canadian wonder have some competition? We hope not. In fact, as far as his latest single featuring Dollababy is concerned – we don’t want them to compete, we want them to collaborate. 

Nate Ouellette is where it took Bieber years to get. Both are in this pop meets R&B meets hip hop with an appreciation for the autotune realm that is undeniable when you’re talking about songs that have the power to grasp audiences within seconds. “Dancing” is one of those songs. Everything from the beat, to Ouellette’s performance, to the break where Dollababy comes in – it all adds up to a radio darling. Or in this day and age, a song the public can get behind on a viral TikTok moment. Either way, “Dancing” is a pop song you are happy to hear over and over again. 

Never tiring of what he does seems to be the bread and butter of what Nate Ouellette does best. His 2020 debut, “Whatever It Is” doesn’t fit the above, and is more laidback, and highlights his vocals more traditionally but it’s still a song made to be repeated more than a handful of times in one listen. Since “Whatever It Is,” Ouellette has dropped half a dozen more singles including four in 2021 alone, each bringing something new to the table in regards to well-rounded pop music. He even found time to appear on Sai Sen’s album, ‘Ahead of Our Time 2,’ this year. 

When you have music this well made with an artist that is giving you the standard, you pay attention. So eyes and ears on Nate Ouellette as we head into the new year because we cannot wait to see what he has in store for the world next. Possible Bieber duet? Fingers crossed. 

To hear more from this rising talent, check him out on all major music and streaming sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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