“Crash” – Mokita x Charlotte Sands

So bad you can’t let go until it gets worse. That is what best describes the inspiration behind “Crash” by Mokita featuring the wonderful Charlotte Sands. Channeling those relationships that are as toxic as they are addicting, these two paired up for a song that many won’t be able to get enough of either. 

A producer and musician, Mokita is no stranger to churning out inescapable tracks like “colorblind” and “London”, and “Crash” is no different. Tapping into a situation many have found themselves in, yet are likely not to admit, “Crash” captures the essence of a relationship that serves no real purpose but feels so good at the moment that all one can do is ride it out until things come well, crashing down. On this ride, Mokita has enlisted Charlotte Sands. Her airy approach to the song helps counterbalance the hooks but demands control when in the spotlight. It is definitely a song meant to heat up the summer months whether it’s chilling poolside or satisfying club attendees. 

Debuting several years ago with “Dreamer,” Mokita has built himself a solid reality since. “Crash” is his third single this year following the likes of “Room for Another” and “Scared Of Us.” As for Charlotte Sands, this collaboration with Mokita comes on the heels of her 2022 release, ‘Love and Other Lies.’ To hear all of the above and more from both Mokita and Charlotte Sands, make sure to check them out now on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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