“Catwalk” – Jacques-Pierre

When “Catwalk” by Jacques-Pierre first came on, I shouted OOOh!! This song just vibrates your bones, it definitely feels like a english version of a classic J-Pop song. The funkiness of the instrumentals, the light and airy vocals from the singer of Jacques-Pierre, it all just blends together so well. It’s so jazzy but also so calm, a perfect blend of energy but not doing too too much. The melancholic lyrics are a direct contrast from the cute, upbeat energy the melody gives. The repeated phrase, “Do you think of me too?,” shows Jacques-Pierre navigating the depths of their heartache and longing left in the wake of lost love. They are capturing the bittersweet essence of yearning for a connection that may never be fully realized. That might sound a bit heavy in theory but in actuality? This song will make you feel as light and free as a gusty of breeze.

Written by Gabrielle LaRochelle

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