“Captain of the Football Team” – Subway Rat

Dance into the unique world of Subway Rat, an indie alternative artist, and his sophomore release Captain of the Football Team. The highly anticipated album follows the success of his debut album, Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, which amassed over 1 million streams across streaming services. The New York City based artist releases music under his own label, Rat Tooth Records, putting him in full control of his vision and sound. Subway Rat, also known as David Polanco, draws inspiration across a multitude of genres and sounds – showing the creativity that the listener can expect from him. 

The first track on the record, “Out of Town,” immediately introduces the listener to the sound that is Subway Rat. He has such a unique voice that allows him to have a raw, yet humorous voice tied to pop/rock guitars. He tells a story of heartbreak in an over dramatic way, which is fully intended. Subway Rat acknowledges he took his lover for granted and wishes he did not run her out of town.

A song from the album that stands out is his single, “Moon.” “Moon” is a track in which  Subway Rat sings about being just out of orbit with the one he loves. “I see your face in the stars,” he sings, “I cannot wait to see your scars. Will you let me in?” He repeats this final line over and over, showcasing the longing he has for this unrequited love. The electric guitars soar across the track with the drums as a driving force, all in all showing the more indie rock of his multi genre infused sound. The production of this album is very polished and impressive for an indie artist, perfectly capturing that alt pop-rock sound that has become Subway Rat’s signature. It is obvious he has an ear and a vision for what he wants – and he does it all his way on his label.

Subway Rat’s blend of sharp production and passionate vocals make his songs both relatable to the listener and fun to listen to. As a whole, Captain of the Football Team, is a heartfelt work of real stories tied together with jolts of upbeat production weaved into meaningful lyricism. It is no surprise he already has a cult following, especially finding his footing on his debut album and honing his skills on his sophomore project. So if listeners are looking for raw talent supporting themselves independently, they should look no further than Subway Rat.

Written by Katie Power





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