“Bullet” – Yves Paquet

Yves Paquet has just released his new single “Bullet”, the first single off of his latest album Every Now and Then. A low-key electronic tune that boasts light, airy instrumentation, engaging lyrics, and Yves Paquet’s unbelievably smooth vocals, you’ll want to hop on the “Bullet” train at your nearest station.
With a light, rhythmic intro, “Bullet” has a lively and infectious energy that is impossible to ignore. Ambient melodies add a vibrancy to the accompaniment that perfectly matches Yves Paquet’s dreamy vocal tone. The spacious orchestration creates a subtle tension that the chorus breaks with an effortless explosion of percussion and guitar arpeggiations. Swirling melodies accent the rhythmic lyrics as he sings “stop playing your games around me before I’m dead”.
Based in Belgium, Yves Paquet brings a laid-back, easy going energy to his straightforward tunes. Full of surprising production that features unexpected elements and steady rhythms that fit together seamlessly, “Bullet” is a strong lead single that will instantly have you searching for the full album. Add in an infectious chorus that will stubbornly make a home in your head and “Bullet” is just one of those songs that you’ll have to keep on repeat.

Written by Katrina Charles

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