“Bubblegum” – Zantzinger Chorus

When I first hit play on “Bubblegum” by Zantzinger Chorus, I was immediately thought Brandon Urie from Panic! At The Disco was in my speakers and had joined the Zantzinger Chorus. After what it felt like to be 20 mins of Google searching, I realized it wasn’t Mr. Urie but instead, a cohort of musicians creating indie folk rock music!! I expected “Bubblegum” to be filled with sweet nothings, but instead I was hit with a haunting narrative of disillusionment and longing. I feel like Zantzinger Chorus captivates listeners with their stark portrayal of feeling disillusioned in their connections and day to day life. Even though the lyrics aren’t the sunniest, the instrumentals are a upbeat, highly energetic, vibrant contrast. I definitely recommend giving this a spin if you are in the mental space to soak in your complex feelings but not be bogged down by them!

Written by Gabrielle LaRochelle

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