“Breathe” – Nora Lani

If you are seeking a song that can calm down your nerves and send you into a place of quiet contemplation, then you might want to put on “Breathe” by Nora Lani. Lani’s serene vocals gently encases around you like a warm hug, encouraging you to find equilibrium amid the tumultuous nature of self-discovery. The repeated plea to “breathe” in the lyrics echoes a profound realization—sometimes, in the chaos of understanding ourselves, the most crucial act is to simply exist and breathe. Lani’s lyrics create a space that invites us listeners to introspection, offering a melodic sanctuary amidst the chaos. Nora Lani encourages listeners to pause, to inhale hope, and exhale the weight of confusion in a symphony that resonates with the human struggle to find peace within. The only complaint have? “Breathe” ends so quickly, I end up pressing replay over and over again to get into that peaceful zone again!

Written by Gabrielle LaRochelle

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