“Baby Blue” – Katryna-Florence

“Baby Blue” by Katryna-Florence is a hauntingly beautiful alternative pop song that paints an emotionally complex picture. There is more that meets the eye with “Baby Blue,” one would think that this song is talking about being caught in the throws of a turbulent romance. However, the lyrics cleverly personify depression, revealing a toxic yet oddly comforting companion. Katryna-Florence ethereal vocals narrate a tale of vulnerability, painting a siren’s call into the depths of emotional tumult. The recurring phrase “caught in retrograde” echoes the cycle of internal struggle, mirroring the Katryna-Florence’s battle with destructive patterns. “Baby Blue” is a cathartic expression of the Katryna-Florence’s journey navigating her depression, and eventually overcoming it. This soul-baring song turns Katryna-Florence’s personal struggles into a universally relatable masterpiece.

Written by Gabrielle LaRochelle

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