Uncle Salsa and The Pelican Boy – “It’s All Over Now”
Have you ever wondered why songs from yester year can resonate more in present times than present day songs? What is it about artists emoting lyrics from 30 years ago that seems to foresee your live struggles as it unravels. Well, like what Uncle Salsa and the Pelican Boy have discovered thus is the burden of an artist. To urge to produce light, a picture in the form of song that captures and leaves an impression on the listener beyond time and space. 

Uncle Salsa and The Pelican Boy capture something nostalgic but offer an anomaly to today’s listener. They also splash in some vibrance and creativity with visuals of themselves on a boat wearing tropical shirts. Imagine if The Beatles went to Margaritaville in 1968 instead of India when listening to "It's All Over Now":
With their adept writing ability Uncle Salsa and the Pelican Boy would most likely be signed to David Geffen or Geffen Records if we were to time travel to the seventies. The folk aesthetic rivals the likes of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. The production style is a soundscape zapping you into a super produced movie from the 80s right at the apex, where the conflict is resolved, and the hero is basking in glory. The horn solo is majestic; every layer incorporated further accentuates the lyrics and different instrumentation. Cover bands could never measure up to their source of inspiration because they’re mere imitation of the former. 
Niche bands however offer an alternative a happy medium conjuring up the inspiration form the former and forming the advent of the latter, a cycle. By fusing their inspirations of the past Uncle Salsa and The Pelican Boy presents a new alternative for the future which the modern day listener can appreciate on “It’s All Over Now”. 

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