Juliet Ariel – “Summer Luv (Acoustic Piano Version)”
“Summer Luv (Acoustic Piano Version)”, dropped today by Juliet Ariel, is a powerful ballad with a perfectly-crafted commercial melody. It starts off with acoustic piano and Juliet’s shining vocals, and she speaks of the nostalgia of a summer romance.  What is impressive, in my opinion, is that this was originally released as a fully produced electronic track and this is just the piano version. Being a piano player and electro artist myself, I understand that piano songs bring a vulnerability and intimacy, and that is exactly the emotion brought out by Juliet’s heartfelt singing in this version. Even when all the instruments are stripped down, the melody soars amongst the simplicity. The songwriting structure builds in to a strong “calling calling me like” hook that is unforgettable. Juliet Ariel is an Australia-based French-African singer/songwriter. Her first self-produced debut “Take Me With You” gave her an impactful introduction. It reached more than 10 million views on Youtube, 1.7 million streams on Spotify, and 1.3 million streams on Soundcloud. This led to her capturing the attention of labels and tastemakers around the world, which includes Nora En Pure, Black Coffee and Simon Field, as well as publications such as Dancing Astronaut and KATBLUT. Paris had a profound influence on her growing up, where she was inspired by the art and fashion scene. As a young teen she got into the ultra-fashionable nightclub scene and became influenced by French-electronic artists such as Justice and Daft Punk. Juliet’s pure talent, tasteful style, and growing traction, make her a definite artist to watch in 2020.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Juliet, and here is what she had to say:

Q&A with Juliet Ariel

Your melodies in “Summer Luv” are truly beautiful and catchy, and your voice so angelic. What was your creative process to make this song?
Thank you. I started this song with piano and some sound effects, then I built the percussion elements and added the bass-line and synths. Once I had a basic instrumental I played around with some vocal melodies and lyrics, then I adjusted the production to suit.
This song feels very nostalgic. What was the inspiration behind “Summer Luv”?

I wanted to make a song that could bring back summer all year long, to endlessly remind me of the good times and capture the nostalgia of a summer romance, a feeling that everyone must have experienced at least once in their life.
I see this is the acoustic piano version, which is truly powerful on its own. I’m sure all versions are awesome. How would you describe the other versions of this song?
I took inspiration from my afro-latin roots for some of the rhythms, but overall it's a dance song with simple lyrics that I feel anyone could easily relate and have fun listening to.

How is life like pursuing music in Australia?

Australia is a very beautiful, laid back place, I find it a really inspiring place to create music. At the same time I feel like my music is for the world and love connecting with people everywhere.
Your voice is definitely comparable to some major acts. Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

I am inspired by MNEK, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men.
Coming up, is there anything new in the works that we can look forward to?
Summer Luv is the 1st track from my EP, I will release a new single soon, and the EP later this year. I also have have some collaborations that I will release soon.
What would you like to say to your supporters out there?
Thank you and I love you.

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